Our explorers

My mind has been completely blown! It has changed every aspect of my life, personal and professional. The programme challenges you how you see yourself and others, how you think and enables you to be the change which has a ripple effect not just for yourself but everyone you come into contact with.

Emily Ellis, Santander HR Hub Lead, Santander

Pure Potential is the greatest gift we can give to our leaders, staff and pupils. It has made such a difference.

Matthew Crawford, Trust Leader, Embark

This was the best development of my career. It takes you on a journey to really understand our thinking so we can focus on what really matters. I still go back to it on a daily basis and use it.

Emma McCann, Head of HR Business Partnering COO, Santander

Pure Potential – a MUST for all leaders, a simple yet powerful programme which helps prepare your mind for today’s challenges and those ahead.

Paul Scaife, Finance and Operations Lead, Embark

This Program is the game changer to help leaders be the change. The content rich yet easily accessible program shifts your perspective both professionally and personally arming you with new approaches to navigate your changing landscape with greater clarity, resilience and responsibility.

Candice Moxham – Event Producer | Stylist | Account Manager

This is the one leadership program every leader must do, it’s a game changer and will show you how to truly lead through work, life, flow. I am now able to adapt to whatever situation is thrown my way with an endless opportunity mindset.

Belinda Murray, Managing Director BWM dentsu Melbourne

I would describe the programme as mind opening, challenging, progressive and transformative for yourself and your organisation.

Emma North, Senior HR Business Partner, Santander

I can recommend this program not only to existing leaders, but also aspiring leaders as the teachings and principles make attributes such as resilience, perspective and objectivity more available in the everyday…all essentials in our future leadership toolkit.

Natalie Dean-Weymark, Co-founder and Co-director Compass Studio

Incredibly interesting and unique approach to understanding ourselves, others, and the world around us. It is a programme which simplifies rather than complicates. The theory you learn, and practice, is to take the weight off your mind and allow space for our natural abilities and creativity to come out.

Sarah-Jane Phillpot, HR Business Partner, Santander

Thank you for allowing me to see things differently and giving me tools to positively navigate through and embrace the rollercoaster of life in a perfectly imperfect way.

Anna Upton, Deputy Trust Leader

Pure Potential has been transformational for me. I have always believed that we all have something incredibly powerful within us – I was right. This programme unleashes it!

Ben Rigott, Trust Development Lead

A programme like no other. No expectations, no pressure, just the request to show up, fully present, open and curious. I have changed my way of thinking as a result, that is impacting positively on my life, both personally and professionally.

Karen Scrivens, Headteacher

Your calmness, wisdom and care have made the time spent on the programme both enjoyable and thought provoking. I feel that I will continue to put into practice everything I have learned and it will make such a difference to me, professionally and personally. You’ve both been inspirational.

Kim Millar, Headteacher

This programme guides you to look at how we view, process and react to life, and to see it from a new, or perhaps forgotten, perspective. With this awareness I am able to navigate boundaries preconceptions and assumptions, enabling me to be a better leader, parent and friend.

Krissie Machent, School Business Manager

The group sessions combined with the individual sessions were in the words of Goldilocks "just right." The quality and quantity of the guest speakers' videos was excellent and varied to ensure that there was something for everyone.

Melanie Lawson, Executive Headteacher

This programme is more foundational than foundational.

Rev Dr Mike Firbank, School Chaplain, Vicar and Pioneer Minister

The programme has facilitated a realisation of the power within: – to overcome obstacles – to feel a sense of calm and strength – to quieten my inner doubts – to authentically show up and know this is good enough  – to take pride in being seen and heard  I can't recommend it enough, despite at times experiencing some confusion, discomfort and more than a little soul-searching! 

Parmjit Atwal, Headteacher

On a deeply personal level, Pure Potential is an experiential journey that is enriching and self-affirming. It bestows a clarity of mind and a realisation that I hold the power to shape my perspective of the world and actively choose how to be the finest version of myself that I could possibly be.

Dave King, Embark Trustee and Thinking Engineer

Through the Pure Potential coaching programme, I discovered the power of embracing my authentic self as a leader, prioritising my well-being, and cultivating a positive impact on both myself and those around me. The time invested in us shows just how much the Trust values us all; both professionally and with our well-being.

Jonathan Lynch, Executive Headteacher 

Pure potential was unlike any other ‘workplace development’ I have been part of. Watching our cohort grow both together and individually was really special and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Lisa Marriott, People and Culture Leader

Pure Potential has been a really transformative programme for me. It has challenged my perceptions, opened my eyes and taught me a lot about myself and how I can better navigate through situations both in work life, and home life. The programme doesn’t just end once the sessions are over, it is something I will continue to build on and learn from well into the future!

Megan Perry, Marketing and Communications Manager

Pure Potential has been a real eye opener and very beneficial in how I now see and operate within my work and personal life. The vast amount of knowledge, guidance and interactions that formed part of this programme has enabled me to believe in myself more and truly realise that that the potential in me is limitless. I have learnt a great deal through this journey that has developed my skills in leadership, strategic thinking and improved performance. Engaging in team sessions and having one to ones was a perfect combination to deliver this programme as it allowed us the opportunity to express ourselves independently and also part of the wider team.

Zaber Khan, Commercial Manager

We look forward to exploring with you to unlock your limitless potential