Viva life!


Myself, Michelle and our good friend Kay experienced the joy of the Viva Event in Spain for the first time on the 4th to 6th November 2023.

Viva is a wonderful gathering of about 200 people from all around with world who are interested in experiencing and sharing the universal principles of our human design, the same principles which provide the foundations to our Pure Potential expedition. 

The organisers, Sheela and Sue, describe it as an opportunity to ‘realise the richness of life’, and it definitely delivered!

We had the chance to meet some of our Pure Potential guest explorers and hear them speak through keynote sessions, breakout workshops and beach bar lunches. I also enjoyed having my daughter, Rose, with me on the trip.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to soak up all the learning, warmth and wisdom together, along with the Spanish sunshine.

Our overriding takeaway from the event is what a difference it makes to take the time to slow down, reflect on ourselves, to have insightful, connecting conversations and explore the human experience with full openness and acceptance.  We all came away feeling mind-cleansed and grateful for making new friends to support us on the Pure Potential journey.

I was also fortunate to win a raffle prize, a coaching session with the fantastic Rohini Ross  I’ll let you know how I get on!


Written by: SarahArmitage

Published on: 5 September 2023

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