Pure Potential Pioneers Reconnect


Their closing ceremony was back in July 2023, they’ve since been out in their worlds creating ripples of change, so it was a great pleasure to reconnect with the Embark Federation first group of Pure Potential explorers – the Pioneers as they’ve become known.

They shared reflections and stories of the impact the journey has had and talked about ‘always being OK, no matter what’.

We enjoyed a rich and varied conversation about all the possibilities for ‘living’ from pure potential within schools and their communities.  The leaders considered the powerful implications for special educational needs input, for family resource workers, pastoral teams and of course children and young people themselves. One headteacher discussed further sharing of the pure potential principles with her staff team as well as her early years children.  We were blown away by the ideas, openness and willingness to continue sharing the benefits beyond the ‘official’ 12-week journey.

We were also really fortunate to be joined by Peter Anderson www.andersonwellbeing.com, a retired headteacher and one of our guest explorers, who has been sharing the pure potential understanding in schools for many years.  The Embark leaders asked questions to learn more from Peter and we were inspired by his stories of transformation and change, both in terms of school performance and specific children’s wellbeing.

Embark Federation’s Trust Leader, Matthew Crawford also joined the session and entertained the group with a personal story of a touch of imposter syndrome he’d experienced the previous day, he was instantly met with a wave of spontaneous Pure Potential coaching from the group!

We are very grateful for the pioneering spirit of this fabulous group of leaders and will continue to check-in on and celebrate the difference they make to education.

If you’d like to find out more about it, please do get in touch.

Happy exploring!

Sarah and Michelle

Written by: SarahArmitage

Published on: 14 November 2023

Categories: Journey News