Podcast Appearance: The Limitless Potential That Lies Beneath Our Habitual Thinking


We recently had the utter delight of hanging out with Siobhan Friel, one of our Pure Potential guest explorers, as she invited us onto her Inner Peace and Other Cool Shit podcast. Siobhan has been a massive favourite of many of our Pure Potential explorers and we can understand why. Siobhan shares her experiences and insights in such a creative and fun way it’s hard not to be captivated!

Listeners to the podcast for some time, we jumped at the chance to spend time with Siobhan and we were in for a real treat as the conversation traversed a broad landscape;

  • The principles behind the work we do with leaders and organisations, and why the approach is particularly impactful
  • The implications of these principles when it comes to realising our own experience of peace, ease and flow
  • How to manage the ubiquity of labels and concepts in life
  •  Recognising the innate intelligence we all share
  • The power of ‘obviousness’ when it comes to being guided in life
  • How some of these ideas might help communities, and why that even matters
  • Where one might start exploring these ideas
  • …and so, so much more

Keep listening to the end when Siobhan takes us on a 100% imaginary road trip where Gandhi and Johnny Wilkinson feature amongst cheesy Wotsits and blueberries!

We hope you enjoy!

Written by: MichelleMcCartan

Published on: 12 December 2023

Categories: Podcast